Let us help you back to health


We offer a wide range of professional services to get you back to work - and back to play - in the shortest possible time.


None of us enjoy being sick or injured and unable to do the things we love. It's our mission to get you back in the boardroom, workshop, pool or playing field as quickly as possible. We'll also help you to stay fit and healthy with some great injury prevention strategies that will be of lifelong benefit to your ongoing wellbeing.

Pelvic Services

We now offer specialised pelvic floor services with computerised biofeedback from our expert Jolene Smith.

Pelvic floor issues such as incontinence or chronic pain can affect everyone at every age but you don't have to live with them!

Exercise classe schedule and timetable

Exercise classes provide great motivation as you share your recovery journey with others and make new friends along the way.


We offer a range of classes for all ability levels. Our instructors are all health professionals who will guide you towards a fitter, healthier future. There's always a few lighter moments, along with some great workouts and techniques you can take away with you.

We believe that expert care should be available to everyone.

We are an ACC provider

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