Physical Activity should be enjoyable!

Focus Health is proud to have helped launch and support the Get Moving! initiative. We aim to provide opportunities for people to get started or go back to an exercise routine –without noticing they are!

It's much easier to get into any kind of physical activity when you're enjoying what you do.


The first Get Moving! outings will combine easy walks in our beautiful local parks with a friendly and social aspect. Clive Baker is organising these to kick-start the campaign but we need more keen leaders to organise their own groups!

Now's the perfect time to decide to Get Moving! Use the contact form to get in touch or register for an outing. It's free, easy and fun. You can also Follow Focus Health on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to access our upcoming events and see what our groups have been up to.

How did it all start?

At the onset and heart of the Get Moving! initiative is the knowledge that enjoyment is paramount to an active lifestyle and a great motivation to make a positive difference to the community.

Get Moving is not a for-profit activity but a demonstration of our sincere dedication to health.

We need group leaders!

Are you passionate about local history, photography, beach cleaning, wildlife spotting?...

Get Moving! is looking for more group leaders to organise regular themed outings. Use our form to get in touch.

We can't wait to hear from you!


Our first group of walkers, the wonderful Rain or Shine ladies, are now going out independently. It's a great win for the Get Moving initiative but we need more leaders to organise new groups.

Are you interested in cycling, photography, do you want to start a pram walk group or maybe a beach cleaning one? Walking can be done while spotting wildlife of cataloguing trees.

whatever gets you moving, we want to hear from you!

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