6 Steps to Golf Fitness

1. Walk

Prolonged sitting may lead to back and
hip problems - and we all know that they are both game killers. Monitor your steps with a smartphone or fitness tracker (or just guesstimate). Objective:10,000 steps /day.

2. Work those Gluts

Your butt and core muscles are the key to a powerful swing make sure you turn them on. Try squeezing your buttocks and tucking your lower abdominals in when standing up and sitting down.

3. Side to Side and Twist again

Include more rotational and lateral movements (most people only work forward and backward). Try exercises like medicine ball throws and slams, or lunges with torso turns.

4. Drink Drink Drink

A well hydrated body functions efficiently and is better able to regulate temperature. Drinking plenty curbs your appetite, which helps with weight control. Muscle function will also improve, translating into a more fluid swing. Objective: 2 litres (8 glasses) a day.

5. Foam Roll

Everyone loves a massage. A foam roller is a cheap investment that you won’t regret. Used regularly, muscles will become more pliable, giving better range of motion and aches will disappear. You'll be able to swing harder, faster and enjoy a reduced injury risk. Objective: 15-45 minutes per week focusing on the upper and lower back, hips, thighs and calves.

6. Challenge your Heart Rate

A blend of endurance and interval training will increase your fitness endurance and dramatically improve your ability to focus under stress. Objective: 20-45 minutes of vigorous exercise 2-3 times per week.

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