1. Surprising Benefits of Weight Lifting

Increases Insulin sensitivity
In persons with impaired glucose tolerance (like diabetics), more sets of an exercise tend to be more effective than single sets and higher intensities are better than moderate.

Improves Metabolic Health

By enhancing the biochemical processes involved in the body's normal functioning, weight lifting increases your body's ability to work and cope better.

And it Strengthens Muscles!

No surprise there, however just take a minute to consider some of the consequences:

- decreased risk of certain injuries

- better bone health, especially in older people
- higher energy levels and long-lasting stamina

- better posture (so you feel great and look amazing too).

2. It's better with a Partner

Although some of us prefer doing it alone, most of us greatly benefit from exercising with a partner.

Improved Form

We never pay more attention to what we do than when someone else is looking at us. Having someone you feel comfortable with exercise alongside you will help improve form for both.

Greater Motivation

It's easier to miss on today's workout if you're only answering to yourself. Those who train with others are less likely to stay home because the weather doesn't feel quite right.

Push your Limits

A little bit of competition has never hurt anyone. On the day when you're not feeling 100%, your partner will provide the little mental strength you lack, whereas you'll be there when they need it.

3. The Five Components of Physical Fitness

To experience the many benefits of physical fitness, you need to work on all of its five components:

Muscular Strength

Stronger muscles = stronger body = better health.


Muscular Endurance

Muscles that can work longer without fatigue make life seem easier.


Cardiovascular Endurance

The ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen during sustained physical activity can be trained.



Flexible muscles help prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems.


Body composition

Muscular tissue is denser than fat tissue, therefore body composition (not just weight) determines leanness.

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