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Ruben Parker
HBU Keeper Passes Forward to Next Generation


Ruben Parker is back with HBU after a year away with Auckland. This time around he's also taken on the role of team captain and tells us how he's contributing to shaping the next generation of football players.  read more

Safely Ease into Summer Fitness


The warmer weather invites us to get more active. It's also a busy season for physiotherapists, who see a lot of injuries from those who get into it too fast and too hard. Here are some tips to get fit and avoid injury. read more

Calf Stretches and Strengthening for your Achilles

Our physios recommend these exercises to prevent and deal with achilles tendons strain (tendinopathy or tendinitis) read more

Angela Hardy - Hands-On Therapy

Angela Hardy Focus Health's Hand Therapist and newest team member, explain why she chose and is so passionate about her specialty.  read more

Andy's Diet Tip: The Only Effective Way to Lose Weight

Andrew Pickering is a full-time dietitian at Hawke’s Bay Hospital. In this issue of Focus, he shares the only real secret to effective, long term weight loss read more

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