Excellent exercise


Here’s a great stretch to add to your daily training routine, or any time during the day when you need to unwind, particularly if you’ve been sitting for a while.


• Get on your hands and knees, hands and shoulders in line, back straight.


• Slowly lower your pelvis towards your heels.


• Keeps your hands in place and your back straight.


• Only bend your hips and knees.


• Keep going until you feel the stretch and hold it for 10 -15 seconds.


• Come back to your starting position and move your hands slightly forward, then repeat.


• Continue doing so until your arms are fully extended.


• By then you should really feel the stretch as you lower yourself.

Know your limits - know your pain


ALWAYS warm up before excercising. A 5-10 minute walk can prevent a lot of injuries.


DO NOT go back to your normal level of activity until enough recovery has been achieved or you risk re-injury.


KEEP IT COMFORTABLE never perform any excercise or stretch into acute pain. If you experience persistent discomfort, see a physiotherapist.

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