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Angela Hardy - Hands-On Therapy

​What makes a Physiotherapist decide to work solely with one part of the body? We ask Angela Hardy, a 17-year practitioner and latest addition to the highly-qualified Focus Health Physiotherapy Team.

“Hand Therapy is an area that most physiotherapy students are keen to get into when working in the different areas of the hospital. For me, the specialty stuck because it is so very different to general physiotherapy. Hand therapists get to focus on one area of the body and learn specific skills to address the many injuries/conditions of the forearm and hand. These can be very complex, and affect people's life in a big way, which motivates patients to follow instructions and do their exercises."

"Hand therapy is also very scientific, almost mathematical, as the treatment and rehabilitation matches the rate of healing of the tissue. For example, once the tissue has some healing it can be loaded with some strengthening exercises but in the early stages may need to be rested in a splint."

“Splint making is an essential part of hand therapy. I find that it adds an enjoyable, creative and crafty dimension to the work. With injuries fully covered by ACC, both the treatment and splints are funded 100%. Patients can go straight to a hand therapist for assessment and treatment as a referral isn’t required. We do work closely with the GP’s and orthopaedic specialists in order to provide patients the specific care required to resolve their hand or forearm injury."

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