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Margaret Campbell - a Multi-dimensional Approach to physiotherapy

Focus Health recently welcomed back Margaret Campbell as a valued member of the team.

As a Physiotherapist, Margaret believes that best long-term results for patients are achieved through taking a multi-dimensional approach to their issues. Many factors affect a person’s experience of pain and loss of function. Margaret seeks to go beyond the mechanical considerations, and considers how work, daily habits and other variables influence an individual's ability to recover.

As well as applying hands-on techniques, she involves her patients in a movement based plan of care whilst educating and empowering them to actively self-manage. This is often achieved through small adjustments to daily postural and movement habits, with the double result of resolving the current issue and preventing future problems.

“We listen to our patients to learn about their injury but also how it affects their life. Once we have the whole picture, we can put the right strategies in place.”

Margaret has over 25 years of clinical practice experience. She is committed to continual learning to make her practice as effective as possible. She is a member of the McKenzie Institute New Zealand, teaching on their Post-Graduate Part A and B courses.

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