Acupuncture can be a beneficial adjunct to physiotherapy treatment in assisting healing and reducing pain in a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions at differing stages of the treatment.

A therapist skilled in acupuncture can provide this treatment at each of our 3 clinics: Alex Gairdner at Onekawa and Laura Richards at Te Mata are certified Acupuncturists.


Back and Neck Injury


Treatment of all spinal injuries using a manual therapy, exercise and education approach.Spinal manipulation may be necessary which is performed by physiotherapists at Focus Health who have specialised skills to manipulate.


Breathing Disorders


One in ten people, worldwide, experience some form of breathing pattern disorder or chronic over-breathing at some time in their lives. The Bradcliff Method is a drug-free option to help with this condition.


Joanne Eames is a physiotherapist and a certified Bradcliff practitioner working at Focus Health's Havelock North clinic.  The Bradcliff Method is a Physiotherapy-based programme developed to treat Breathing Pattern Disorders and Hyperventilation Syndrome. The techniques taught are in association with Breathing Works Clinic in Auckland.


Have you ever experienced any of these breathing difficulties?

Frequent sighing and yawning, feelings of 'air hunger', disturbed sleep, achy muscles and joints, feeling anxious and uptight, pins and needles, upset gut/nausea, irritability , shattered confidence, Worry over these symptoms may lead to further over-breathing and a vicious cycle is established.


You should see your doctor if you experience these symptoms


Breathing discomfort, dizzy spells or feeling “spaced out”, chest pains, erratic heartbeats. 


There are many triggers to breathing disorders:


Anxiety or low-grade chronic depression, insomnia or broken sleep, asthma, COPD, chest infections, Brochiectasis, hormonal changes, anaemia, post-operative or injury problems, chronic pain-physical or emotional, stress and or fatigue, postural stress, post viral infection, mouth breathing/nasal and sinus problems, tight clothing.

Check if your symptoms might be breathing related - take this quick test.


At Focus health, the Bradcliff Method treatment involves:


  • Breathing retraining

  • Nasal hygiene,

  • Relaxation and stress management techniques,

  • Postural correction and muscle stretches,

  • Speech/breath advise,

  • Mucous clearance techniques, Asthma, COPD and Bronchiectasis management.,

  • Enhanced sport performance.


For well-researched physiotherapy-based treatment option, favouring skills not pills, request an appointment with Jo Eames.

First consultation is 1 hour followed by ½ hour session a week later and up to four other sessions over the next three months.


Learn more: Read the Focus Health article: Do You Breathe Correctly?


Clinical Pilates


Focus Health has pilates reformer equipment at each clinic which provides a safe, effective way to strengthen your body after injury. All physiotherapists at Focus Health have been trained to use this equipment with patients. We have a pilates exercise class at Te Mata 1pm Thursdays (instructed by Gerard Guillen).


You might also want to have a look at our weekly exercise classes schedule.


Elderly Care and Rest Home Services


Focus Health provide a physiotherapy service to Rest Home/Elderly Care Centres to maintain and improve mobility and function of residents.


Physiotherapy assessment and treatment by arrangement.


Ergonomics / Worksite Assessment


Gerard Guillen is our Physiotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics. He can provide worksite assessments to ensure your work area is set up correctly. Gerard can also advise correct work positioning or posture, manual handling and back care education to individuals or groups.


By using adequate ergonomics, the work environment is adjusted to suit body type, work tasks and movement efficiency, helping to prevent injury and return to workplace after being injured.


Learn more about Ergonomics: What Is It + Some Useful Tips


Exercise Classes


Our classes include pool hydrotherapy, aerobics, 'Firm and Flex', circuit classes for men 60+, Pilates, 'Body Fit' (with Swiss Ball) and yoga.


For timetable, information, or to make a booking, please click here.


Hand Injuries and Therapy


Injuries of the hand and forearm may include dislocations, fractures rupture of tendons/ligaments, joint/muscle strains, crush, lacerations, burns, Dupuytrens, and nerve injury (e.g. carpal tunnel).


As we use our hands in just about every aspect of our daily activities, such injuries can be easily debilitating. Fortunately, most hand injuries will recover well when proper treatment is applied.


Hand injury treatment may require the making of a splint to support the area, or immobilise structures to facilitate healing. Ross Simmons is our physiotherapist with a Post Graduate Hand Therapy Qualification. He provides specialised assessment, treatment and splint making for any injuries from the elbow to the hand.


Home Visits


We provide home visits whenever patients are unable to come to the clinic for their treatment. Please contact us for more information.


Jaw Problems


Problems associated with the jaw, or the tempero-mandibular Joints (TMJ), as we call it, require specialist treatment. Working in conjunction with orofacial-maxillary specialists, Gay Montieth holds specific physiotherapy skills to treat injuries/disorders of the joints of the jaw.


Manual Therapy


Used for sprains and strains,  joint mobility and spinal alignment, manual therapy is a hands-on approach to treatment which may include manipulation, mobilisation (movement) of joints, soft tissue massage, myofascial/muscle stretching, taping, acupuncture and exercises.


Massage Therapy


Massage is a common physiotherapy technique, either used alone or, more commonly, with other forms of treatments.


Sports massage is designed to prepare the body for an upcoming event or assist the body in recovery after a vigorous effort or workout. Sports massage will benefit the professional or semi-professional athhlete as well as those who keep fit for fun.


Therapeutic massage typically targets specific muscles using neuromuscular techniques. If you sit at a computer or desk most of the day, you may experience discomfort or pain in your back, neck, shoulders and arms. Massage can help. It can also provide a great benefit to people suffering from other forms of repetitive strain injury. Whenever possible, our physiotherapists and office staff will assist you obtain funding from ACC to cover this treatment


Relaxation massage is non-therapeutic. It is performed in a soft and flowing way which allows the body and mind to get rid of tension and stress. Although there are dedicated massage salons, many people feel safer having their massage performed by a qualified health professional.


Whichever type of massage you need: sports, therapeutic or relaxation, gift vouchers are also available from our three clinics.


Occupational Injuries


These are any injuries that occur in the workplace. They may result from a single trauma or repetitive loading over a period of time. Repetitive Injuries / Occupational Overuse (also known as Repetitive Strain Disorder) may be covered by ACC.


When referred by a GP, they will need to submit forms to ACC in order to establish if the injury will be covered. Our qualified staff will also help ensure that ACC coverage is obtained for the treatment of occupational injuries.


A lot of occupational injuries can be prevented by applying correct ergonomics. Gerard Guillen, Focus Health Director, performs worksite assessments for Hawkes Bay employers.


Learn more about how to prevent workplace injury: Ergonomics: What Is It + Some Useful Tips

Pelvic Floor Services


Our Pelvic Floor and Woman's Health expert Jolene Smith provides specialised pelvic floor services with computerised biofeedback. 

learn more.


Pre and Post Surgical Care (Royston Hospital)


Our association with the Royston Private Hospital and Specialist Centre means we are very experienced in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients before and after their orthopaedic surgery. Our dedicated physiotherapist provides in-hospital physiotherapy treatment. Types of surgery include:


  • joint replacement

  • lumbar spine

  • shoulder repair/reconstruction

  • ligament repair

  • breast surgery


We also assist patients who have undergone or are about to undergo surgery in other clinics and hospitals.


Rehabilitation Programmes


ACC case managers may refer patients for 6 or 12 week exercise programme. This helps restore strength, fitness and function to assist returning to work after injury. These classes can also be taken privately, with the added advantage of being led by a health professional.


Click here for our weekly classes schedule


Spinal Manipulation


Spinal manipulation is a therapeutic intervention that has roots in traditional medicine. It has been used for thousands of years and can be traced back to Hippocrates, the '"father of medicine'.


Spinal manipulation is most efficient in relieving back pain. Its common therapeutic effects are:


  • taking pressure off sensitive nerves or tissues

  • increasing range of motion

  • restoring blood flow

  • reducing muscle tension

  • promoting the release of endorphins (natural painkillers) within the body

Sports Physiotherapy


Treatment of all sports related injuries and conditions


An experienced sports physiotherapist will get you back to your sport as soon as possible and help you prevent re-injury. Sport skill requirements and the cause of injury are taken into account in drawing the treatment plan.


Physiotherapy is provided for individual athletes and club/regional sports teams. We can provide biomechanical, postural and muscle balance assessment to help recovery and prevent injury. Gay Monteith is provider of physiotherapy for carded athletes under the New Zealand Academy of Sport.


Sprains and Strains


Strains are injuries that affect muscles or tendons


They occur after a quick tear, twist, or pull of the muscle (from overstretching or overcontraction). Strains are an acute type of injury which may cause pain, weakness, and muscle spasms.


Sprains are injuries that affect ligaments - the thick bands of cartilage that attach bone to bone)


You may get a sprain from a fall or outside force that displaces the surrounding joint from its normal alignment. Sprains can range from a mild ligamentous stretch to a complete tear. Bruising, swelling, instability, and painful movement are common symptoms of sprains.


Both types of injuries are very painful


They commonly involve the ankle, knee shoulder, back or neck but may occur in just about any joint in the body. Our very experienced and highly-qualified physiotherapists at all 3 clinics will make sure that you get the right treatment for your strain or sprain, so you neither spend more time in rehabilitation than necessary, nor end up with permanent damage that could easily have been avoided.


A manual therapy and exercise-based approach, in conjunction with other treatments such as acupuncture or ultrasound, is used to regain activity level and quality of life as soon as possible.


TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)


TENS therapy is non-addictive, causes no drowsiness, has few side effects, and can be used indefinitely without the problems associated with prolonged drug use.


In TENS therapy, electrodes are placed on the skin, either directly over the painful area or more commonly, at key points along the nerve pathway. A small, battery-powered generator emits a milli-amp (one thousandth of an ampere) of electricity through lead wires to the electrodes.


TENS is used to relieve pain. The sensation produced by the electrical stimulation appears to "override" the pain messages and may stimulate the body to produce its own natural morphine-like substance, which minimizes pain.


In the past two decades, TENS has been used for a wide variety of complaints. TENS has been applied to almost every type of pain, from mildly persistent problems (such as sore muscles) to acute postoperative pain and even in the pain of childbirth. The most common reason for prescribing TENS is for chronic low-back pain.


Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasound Therapy is used for treating chronic pain and various kinds of disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and various injuries


Ultrasound therapy makes use of ultrasound waves in order to find out the problems that are present deep inside the body without breaking the skin’s surface. Ultrasound is used for therapeutic purpose in such a way that the high-frequency sound waves reach the affected area and relieve the pain without the risk of side-effects.


Ultrasound therapy can be an ideal way to effectively treat musculoskeletal injuries, joint pains, soft tissue injuries, bone fractures and restricted range of movements that occur at a depth of 1cm to 5cm underneath the skin.


Vertigo / Dizziness (Vestibular Therapy)


Do you suffer from vertigo, dizziness, nausea or disequilibrium?


A vestibular disorder can be caused by:


  • BPPV (Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo)

  • Normal aging process

  • Nose, throat or ear infection or virus

  • head injury

  • Mennieres Disease


Depending on the assessment findings, an appropriate rehabilitation program may include several of the following:


  • Repositioning manouvre for BPPV

  • Gaze Stability, Habituation and /or Postural stability exercises

  • Balance retraining exercises

  • Supervised therapy sessions to monitor progress and continually challenge the vestibular, visual, and balance systems

  • Individualized vestibular exercises to perform at home

Jo Eames is our Physiotherapist at Focus Health who is qualified to treat vestibular disorders. If you have been referred, Joanne will be in contact with your referring physician and/or specialist throughout the treatment. Whenever necessary, she will also work closely with ear nose & throat specialists for the best result.



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