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Covid-19 Update

Our clinics are closed for now but we are able to offer remote consultation for many conditions (with ACC coverage). Get in touch using our online form to enquire/arrange an appointment.

Out to prove that health is fun!

Focus Health is proud to support the 

Get Moving! initiative. Making physical activity a by-product of enjoyment.

At Focus Health, we see every day what a huge difference regular physical activity makes to people's quality of life. This is why we decided to help launch and support the Get Moving! campaign.

By making exercise a by-product of enjoyment, Get Moving! aims to help people take their first steps towards a better, healthier life.

Let us help you back to health:


We provide a range of professional treatments and services which include:

Focus Health is now the only provider of pelvic floor services with computerised biofeedback in Hawkes Bay. This method, coupled with the expertise of our specialised Physiotherapist Jolene Smith, is guaranteed to help you.

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