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Focus Health Physiotherapy Hawke's Bay

Welcome back to health

• No GP referral needed

• Direct access for ACC

• Continuity of care

Recover from injury

None of us enjoy being unable to do the things we love. Especially when we live in a beautiful place like Hawke's Bay.


After an injury, fast access to treatment leads to better outcomes. It's our mission to get you back to work - and back to play - in the shortest possible time. We'll also help you to stay fit and healthy with some great injury prevention strategies.

We can help

Every member of our team is a qualified physiotherapist with many years of experience in injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.


And working as a team, we're able to approach each case from a multi-skilled perspective, so you'll always get the best and most effective treatment.

Whenever possible, we aim for you to see the same physio each time you visit, so you receive the best continuity of care.


Choose from  three clinics in Hawke's Bay: the Te Mata Clinic in Havelock North, the Royston Centre in Hastings and at the Onekawa clinic in Napier.

Go straight to
your physio

•  Injuries treated fast

•  Direct access for ACC and private patients

•  Three convenient locations in Hawke's Bay

Support for sport


As Kiwis know too well, sports practice sometimes comes with some amount of pain.


Good pain means that you’re working your muscles right, building up the power you need to perform at your peak. Bad pain means that an injury has occurred or is about to.


First  rule of bad pain: do not wait! Focus Health has dedicated sports physiotherapists who assist with recovery, prevention as well as tailored fitness programs.


Our physiotherapist Alex Gairdner provides dedicated golf fitness and biomecanical assessment services for those who want to get back to or improve their game.

Pre and post surgery rehab


​Although surgery is sometimes the only effective way to address certain medical problems, it also has a considerable impact on the patient.


Post-operative patients may suffer from discomfort and reduced mobility. Any surgery requiring a general anesthetic may have an effect on the respiratory system too.


Pre and post-operative physiotherapy helps speed recovery, contributes to pain management and allows patients to regain function faster.


Our association with the Royston Private Hospital and Specialist Centre means we are very experienced in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients before and after their orthopaedic surgery.

Hand therapy


The hand is an especially complex part of our body, with many bones and even more ligaments, tendons and muscles in between. And that's why hand therapy requires specialised treatment.


Our in-demand physio Ross Simmons specialises in the treatment of hand, elbow and forearm injuries.


Ross has Post-Graduate Qualifications in Hand Therapy / Splint Fabrication. He works
from Focus Health’s Hastings clinic at the Royston Centre and our Te Mata clinic in Havelock North.

Pelvic Floor

Like any muscle, those of the pelvic floor can be damaged or weakened, leading to problems such as incontinence and pain - for both men and women.


Weakness is the most common issue. For men, this can happen after prostate surgery. For women, it is usually related to childbirth, but menopause is also a factor.

Focus Health offer women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation services using computerised biofeedback managed by specialist physiotherapist Jolene Smith.

Breathe Easy


One in ten people worldwide experience some form of breathing disorder at some time in their lives.


At Focus health, Jo Eames teaches the Bradcliff Method a drug-free, physiotherapy-based programme developed to treat breathing disorders, and hyperventilation syndrome.

The treatment involves breathing retraining, nasal hygiene, relaxation and stress management techniques, postural correction and muscle stretches, speech/airflow advice, mucous clearance techniques, asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Bronchiectasis.

Jo also helps patients with vertigo and vestibular (balance) disorders.

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