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From acupuncture to ergonomics, our physios know their stuff

Our services

• Three clinics

• Specialised treatment

• Continuity of care

Welcome back to health

We offer a wide range of professional services to get you back to work - and back to play - in the shortest possible time.

None of us enjoy being sick or injured and unable to do the things we love.  At Focus Health, it's our mission to get you back to your workmates, workshop, pool or playing field as quickly as possible.  We'll also help you to stay fit and healthy with some great injury prevention strategies that will be of lifelong benefit to your ongoing wellbeing.

Not all services are available at every clinic. Please contact us to find out which clinics provides the service you require.

Injury recovery and prevention

Manual / mobilisation therapies

Mulligan technique


Exercise programmes

Postural and movement education

ACC providers

Recovery and rehabilitation

Hand injury treatment

Manual therapy

Mulligan technique

Pelvic floor rehabilitation


Exercise programmes

Joint mobilisation

Sports injury services

Team and individual physiotherapy

Exercise for strength and flexibility

Muscle balance assessment

Sports massage

Analysis of movement and posture


Breathing retraining

Acute injury treatment

Golf fitness

Hand and arm therapy

• Treatment of hand / forearm injuries

• Splint fabrication

• Dynamic splint

• Mobilisation

• Exercise programmes

Pre and post-op rehabilitation

In-hospital or outpatient service in consultation with surgeon. Physiotherapy before and after:

Orthopaedic surgery

Spinal surgery

• Joint replacement

Shoulder reconstruction

Ligament / tendon repair

Breast surgery

Pelvic floor services

Female Physiotherapist

Computerised biofeedback

Assessment and treatment

Exercise programmes


Exercise classes

• Clinical Pilates

• Pool classes (hydrotherapy)

• Aerobics Firm and Flex

• Circuit Classes for men over 60

• Body Fit (swiss ball)

Bradcliff method
breathing retraining

Assessment and treatment of breathing pattern disorders to address:

• Breathing retraining

• Nasal hygiene

• Air flow

• Stress management

* Air hunger

Vertigo and vestibular services

• Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic vestibular issues

• Treatment of dizziness caused by vertigo

Chronic conditions

Repetitive use syndrome



Vertigo and dizziness

Breathing disorders

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Elderly care

and rest home services


Maintenance exercise

Mobility programmes

Exercise programmes


Staff education

Ergonomic services

Workplace assessment

Ergonomics for the home
Occupational injury assessment

Occupational injury treatment

OOS and postural issues

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