Ross Simmons

Hands on approach

1995 Otago Physiotherapy School


Registered Hand Therapist, specialising in assessment and management
of hand injuries, fractures, and overuse issues.

Post-grad training in splint fabrication

Ross Simmons is a registered hand therapist specialising in the treatment of hand and forearm and elbow  injuries.


Ross works from our Havelock North clinic and Royston Centre and in close collaboration with local orthopaedics surgeons.


He has a post-graduate degree in splint fabrication.

Specialty areas / experience:

Hand and arm therapy

Clinics / hours of work:


Royston Medical Centre, Hastings. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 1pm

Te Mata Clinic, Havelock North. By arrangement

Havelock North


Te Mata Clinic

87a Te Mata Road


(06) 877 6897



Royston Centre

325 Prospect Road


(06) 878 3044



Onekawa Clinic

17 Maadi Road


(06) 842 1473