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What you need to know about

Sports related injury

An injury during sport can prevent you from returning to play or affect your ability to play for a prolonged period. Physiotherapy plays an important part in assessment, treatment and prevention of sports injuries.  Focus Health has therapists who are very experienced in treating sports injuries and rehabilitating them back to full function as soon as possible.

If you sustain an inury it is important to be seen by a Physiotherapist as soon as you can so the injury can be treated and managed to give the quickest and best result.

Focus Health Physios work in closely with GPs, Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Specialists if the injury needs investigation or onward referral.  They are adept in strapping/taping techniques for returning to training and playing.

Each clinic has an exercise area and equipment to ensure the injury is fully rehabilitated. Movement analysis and muscle balance assessment can also assist recovery and help prevent injury.

Supporting local sports

Focus Health has dedicated Sports Physiotherapists who assist with recovery, prevention as well as tailored fitness programs. We are proud to look after some of our best local sports teams and athletes including:

  • Napier City Rovers Football

  • Hawkes Bay United Football

  • Havelock North Wanderers Football

  • Porthill United Football

  • Hawkes Bay Hawks Basketball

  • Clive Rugby and Netball

  • Napier Boys High First XV Rugby

  • Cruzers Netball

  • Havelock North Squash Club


As well as individual athletes we also help regular people practice their favourite sports safely with special attention to injury prevention.

Focus Health Physiotherapists Alex Gairdner and Colin Tutchen provide physiotherapy services for football, basketball and rugby.


Alex Gairdner also provides dedicated golf fitness and biomechanical assessment services for those who want to safely get back to or improve their golf game.

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