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Vertigo and vestibular therapy

Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic vestibular issues

A vestibular disorder can be caused by:


•    BPPV (Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo)

•    Normal aging process

•    Nose, throat or ear infection or virus

•    Head injury

•    Mennieres Disease


Depending on the assessment findings, an appropriate rehabilitation program may include several of the following:
•    Repositioning manoeuvre for BPPV

•    Gaze Stability, Habituation and /or Postural stability exercises

•    Balance retraining exercises

•    Supervised therapy sessions to monitor progress and continually challenge the vestibular,   visual, and balance systems

•    Individualized vestibular exercises to perform at home

Joanne (Jo) Eames is the Physiotherapist at Focus Health who is qualified to treat vestibular disorders. She works at Te Mata Clinic providing a thorough assessment to diagnose and treat a wide range of vestibular issues.

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