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Breathing retraining and the Bradcliff Method

Breathing Disorders

One in ten people, worldwide, experience some form of breathing pattern disorder or chronic over-breathing at some time in their lives.


Have you ever experienced any of these breathing difficulties?


Frequent sighing and yawning, feelings of 'air hunger', disturbed sleep, achy muscles and joints, feeling anxious and uptight, pins and needles, upset gut/nausea, irritability, shattered confidence, Worry over these symptoms may lead to further over-breathing and a vicious cycle is established.


Joanne (Jo) Eames is a Physiotherapist and a Certified Bradcliff Practitioner working at Focus Health's Havelock North clinic.  She uses the Bradcliff Method of treatment to address breathing disorders.  This is a Physiotherapy-based programme developed to treat Breathing Pattern Disorders and Hyperventilation Syndrome. The techniques taught are in association with Breathing Works Clinic in Auckland.

There are many triggers to breathing disorders and may include some or all of the following:


Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), bronchiectasis, chest infections, anxiety or low-grade chronic depression, insomnia or broken sleep, hormonal changes, poor posture, post-operative or injury problems, chronic pain (physical or emotional), stress and/or fatigue, mouth breathing, nasal and sinus problems.
At Focus health, the Bradcliff Method treatment involves:


•.    Breathing retraining

•    Nasal hygiene,

•    Relaxation and stress management techniques,

•    Postural correction and muscle stretches,

•    Speech/airflow advice,

•    Mucous clearing techniques

•    Asthma, COPD and Bronchiectasis management.


For a well-researched physiotherapy-based treatment option you can request an appointment with Jo Eames to be seen at our Te Mata Clinic.


First consultation is 60 minutes with one to four 30-45 minute follow up sessions over 6-12 weeks.


Read the Focus Health article: 'Do You Breathe Correctly?'

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