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Recover faster after surgery

Pre and Post-op rehab

The physios at Focus Health are experienced in providing pre and post-operative rehabilitation for patients undergoing surgery.


Our association with the Royston Centre means we are experienced in assisting patients undergoing surgery and we work closely with the Orthopaedic and other Specialists to provide the best possible functional outcome.


Types of surgery that we provide physiotherapy include:

•    joint replacement- hip, knee, shoulder, ankle
•    spinal surgery

•    shoulder tendon repair/reconstruction
•    ligament repair
- knee, shoulder and ankle
•    breast surgery


Why do you need physiotherapy before and after surgery?

Physiotherapy treatment helps the patient regain mobility and function of the operated area. Training in the use of crutches may be needed so the patient can mobilise safely at home.  The patient gains confidence in doing the prescribed exercises while in hospital under the Physiotherapists guidance so they can continue these at home.


A post-operative out-patient physiotherapy service is provided at each of our 3 clinics so the patient can continue progressing with the exercises once they are at home after discharge from hospital.

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