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Back Pain Treatment

Morkel Swart

Sport and Life

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2003, University of Pretoria


Post grad qualification in Sports Physiotherapy

Morkel is an experienced physiotherapist. He graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2003 with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy, and  holds a post graduate qualification in Sports Physiotherapy.


Morkel and his wife Susan (who works at our Onekawa clinic) met in South Africa and worked there after graduation. The couple then spent two years in the UK working at a large public hospital. They returned to South Africa to continue their careers in private practice before deciding to emigrate to New Zealand as a family in 2018.

Morkel has a keen interest in sports. He is currently standing in for Colin Tutchen as the team physiotherapist for Clive Rugby. Before joining our own team, he had already gained a good deal of experience providing physiotherapy services to sports people.


Morkel believes a sports physiotherapy background helps improve general physiotherapy practice, believing that "sport is much like an amplified version of everyday life”.


Sports teams set strength and conditioning regimes to maintain match fitness and reduce injury risk. Focus Health patients use a low-impact programme to achieve acceptable levels of mobility, comfort and function.


Morkel’s focus is on manual therapy (hands on) and therapeutic exercise rehabilitation. He seeks to understand all of the factors contributing to the patient’s injury - chronic back pain being a common example.


Lower back and spinal issues require care, and depending on the issue, manipulative therapy may play a greater or lesser role. Exercises prescribed usually includes stretches, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning.

Regardless of the treatment plan, early intervention can decrease or postpone the need for more invasive treatment such as surgery, and help reduce reliance on pain relief medication.


It’s very much a collaborative process, as Morkel works with his patients to achieve acceptable levels of mobility, comfort and function.

Clinic and days of work:

Te Mata Clinic
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8am - 6pm

Tuesday and Thursday
8am to 5pm.

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