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Our range of services related to

Injury Prevention

Ergonomics / Worksite Assessment

Gerard Guillen is our Physiotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics. He can provide worksite assessments to ensure your work area is set up correctly. Gerard can also advise correct work positioning or posture, manual handling and back care education to individuals or groups.

By using an ergonomic approach, the work environment is adjusted to suit body type, work tasks and movement efficiency, helping to prevent injury and return to the workplace after being injured.

Learn more about Ergonomics: What Is It + Some Useful Tips

Exercise programmes

We have a range of classes at Te Mata Clinic and a pool/hydrotherapy class linked to each of our 3 clinics.


For a timetable and information please click here.


Flexibility exercises

Assessment and exercise prescription to address the flexibility of muscles for injury recovery or prevention.

Movement analysis

Assessment of movement patterns which may have contributed to causing injury and to assist prevention of further injuries.

Muscle Balance Assessment

Assessment and exercise prescription to address any muscle imbalances which may lead to or cause injury by addressing flexibility, strength, movement patterns and posture.

Pilates classes and reformer exercises

Focus Health has pilates reformer equipment at each clinic which provides a safe, effective way to strengthen your body after injury. All physiotherapists at Focus Health have been trained to use this equipment with patients. We also have a pilates exercise class at Te Mata 1pm Thursdays (instructed by Gerard Guillen).

You might also want to have a look at our weekly exercise classes schedule.

Postural assessment / correction

Assessment and correction of posture related to positions or movement to help relieve symptoms and/or prevent injury.

Strengthening exercises

Specific strengthening exercises to fully rehabilitate muscles after injury or surgery to help restore physical function.

Balance exercises

Assessment of balance and exercises taught to improve this following injury or due to inactivity/debilitation or the ageing process.

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