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The FIFA 11+ Warm Up Programme

Research-proven injury prevention exercises for footballers.

What is the FIFA 11+?

FIFA’s 11+ is a warm-up programme developed in 2006 that aims to reduce the incidence of the most common football injuries.

Peer-reviewed research has indicated that the consistent implementation of the “11+” can lead to a 30–50% reduction in injuries, including serious injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament ruptures. The programme consists of 15 exercises to be done in a specified sequence prior to training.

There are three essential parts:

1. Slow-speed running and active stretching

2. Core and leg strength, power and agility

3. Moderate to high speed running with cutting and pivoting movements.

Proper technique is essential during all of the exercises, with attention to correct posture and good body control, including straight leg alignment, knee-over-toe position and soft landings.

Prior to a match, the running section (Part 3) can be done as a warm up.

What are the advantages?

The programme has a proven prevention effect. It is simple and does not require equipment or

specialist knowledge.

Are the exercises new?

Although most of the exercises are not new, they have been combined into a simple, innovative programme that should be the standard warm-up prior to training.

Why were these exercises chosen?

These exercises have been designed to prevent the most frequent types of football injury, i.e. groin and thigh strains as well as ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries.

What do they achieve?

The exercises lead to a strengthening of the core and leg muscles. Static, dynamic and

reactive neuromuscular control, coordination, balance, agility and jump technique are also improved.

Who should do the 11+?

The 11+ has been designed for amateur and recreational players - both men and women, - of all levels from around 14 years and up. There is also an 11+ Kids programme for younger players.

Free resources from FIFA

Download the FIFA 11+ work book

Download PDF • 4.53MB

Download the FIFA 11+ poster

Download PDF • 3.10MB

Download the FIFA 11+ Kids poster

Download PDF • 5.60MB

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