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Belinda Whitford: the road to recovery

On the ward at the Royston Centre

A high standard of care

Belinda is a key part of our team at The Royston Centre in Hastings, working with inpatients, before and after orthopaedic surgery - typically knee and hip replacements.

These procedures are of course usually associated with degenerative conditions, rather than injury (trauma orthopaedics). However, the recovery pathway presents similar mental and physical challenges for all patients.

Belinda presents informative and upbeat pre-op briefings as part of the hospital’s ‘Joint School’ patient education programme, and also assesses individual patient recovery post surgery and prior to discharge.

Belinda’s positivity helps to reassure patients who are understandably nervous about what lies ahead. Her professionalism - along with that of the resident Focus Health team - complements the high standard of care for which the Royston Centre is renowned.

Closer to the specialists

It’s a challenging role. Belinda would typically see 10 -12 patients each day. Scheduling has to

be flexible to meet each patient’s individual recovery journey.

But it’s also a rewarding one, as our ward physios get to work more closely with the specialists. They are briefed by the surgeon after the procedure on any issues that need to be addressed during recovery, and also have direct access to the surgeon if needed.

Our Royston team

Belinda is supported on the ward by Jolene Smith, Wessel Oosthhuisen, Gay Monteith, Marie Gillies and Susan Swart, and in the clinic by Mark Grimstone and Ross Simmons. Our admin and reception staff are Denise Kinge, Sharon Morgan and Barbara Willis.

Belinda’s own professional journey began in 1985, when she qualified as a physiotherapist in the UK, and went on to gain extensive experience in orthopaedic rehabilitation.

She moved to New Zealand in 1989 and became part of the Hawke’s Bay community. Although, it’s possible she might still support England’s Lionesses in the FIFA Women’s World Cup!

More about our team at

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