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Andrew Henare: Tips From a PGA Pro

What sort of fitness regime do you follow?

When I was playing full time, I used to work with a guy called Dave Liow, a sports conditioner for the NZ Academy of Sport. He took me through a programme to improve on any weaknesses or limitations.

My current fitness regime:

I run 3-5km and stretch key muscles.

Do you target specific areas?

Depending on what events I have coming up, I would generally go for light cardiovascular workouts and use the majority of my fitness time stretching out my hips and gluts.

How many hours a day did you practice to become pro?

I would treat it like a job and practice for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day, including playing on course.

Do you work on your swing or your strength/power to hit the ball further?

I would always use swing analysis software to provide feedback and ways to improve dynamic movements.

What’s the best advice you can give an up-and-coming junior that wants to be a pro?

Ask your golf coach as many questions as you can and develop an understanding of what causes great or poor shots, and then develop processes to get better.

What about the mental side of the game?

I would use a pre-shot routine and commit to the shot regardless of outcome.

Any major injuries over the years?

No, I’ve been quite lucky with injuries, just the odd tightness with my body now and

again - however nothing too bad.

Where’s the best course you’ve played?

I would have to say Natadola in Fiji would be my absolute best. Very beautiful track.

Andrew started playing as a child, following the adults and shooting some balls when he wasn't really allowed to. Aged fifteen, he earned his first set of clubs by mowing a little 9-hole course. He started his training as a pro in 2008 with New Zealand PGA. He now runs the pro shop at the Napier golf club where he provides golf fitting services, new equipment, custom made clubs and much more. He also coaches juniors and adults of all levels whilst still staying involved in the national PGA circuit.

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