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Bill Robertson: My Keys To Success

Bill Robertson currently plays for Team Wellington in the summer season and is Head Coach for Napier City Rovers in the winter. He also runs his own coaching business, working with primary and secondary schools.

When did you start in your sport?

Like every kid in Manchester, I was born into it. My dad had been a footballer (of course)!

What was your biggest accomplishment?

Wining the NZ National League back-to-back with Team Wellington.

What’s your long-term goal?

To be able to continue working in football full time until it’s time to retire.

Two things that are key to your success?

Being disciplined about my training routine and seeing a good physiotherapist.

Is there a secret to being a great coach?

Be completely honest with the players. Whether they want to hear it or not, they’ll respect you for it. Keep studying your sport and improving your knowledge of the game.

Greatest challenge as a player?

In my first year playing for Hawke’s Bay United, I dislocated my ankle. I had no family or friends here yet. The club was very supportive and Focus Health was amazing at getting me through the rehabilitation and reconditionning.

Best footballer of all time?

Lionel Messi. He seems to be able to create goal opportunities out of nothing and his technique is second to none.

Tell us about Napier City Rovers?

The club has a proud history. It’s a privilege to be part of it. We also have some of the best grounds in New Zealand.

Advice to aspiring professional footballers?

Be totally dedicated to your sport and accept that you’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices. And please - listen to your physio!

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