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Everard Bartlett: Basketball in the Blood

What’s the future for young Kiwi players?

Young people today have a pro approach to the game. They have access to a lot of information online, including game footage. The USA was so dominant in the 90s because they had that information. The internet definitely helps youngsters who want to play at the highest level.

So is it easier now to play at pro level?

There is nothing harder. You have to accept is that nothing is guaranteed. No matter how hard you work, how much effort you put into it, you may still not get to play. The coach decides. But when that opportunity comes, you need to be ready!

How many hours do you train?

I'm in the gym every morning at 9am, doing resistance training for about an hour. Then the team does on-court skills development for a couple of hours. In the afternoon, we do community and school coaching work. We meet again at 6:30 pm for another two hours of on-court team structure and strategy training.

How rewarding is it, working that hard?

It's the best thing in the world. Facing the US Team at the 2014 FIBA World Cup was unforgettable: imagine playing against all your heroes, all at once!

How does physiotherapy help?

That's a very important part. Injury prevention is paramount. Colin Tutchen has been working with us forever and we love him because he keeps us on the court. If one of us does get injured, he’s the guy who gets us back in the game quickly.

How is the 2018 looking for the Hawks?

We have the best roster, definitely a team of champions! Our new head coach, Zico Coronel brings heaps of experience and energy to the team. Come and watch us!

Basketball runs in the Bartlett family. Everard's mom herself played at the then renowned Church College and had a great role in setting Everard on his professional journey. From the time when his father would order NBL VCR tapes from the US to the present days, Everard has gone a long way in his career and has ticked pretty much all the boxes a pro could hope for. He's played for the best NZ and Australian teams, represented New Zealand with the Tall Blacks for five years, has competed in too many world championships to count, competed at the Olympics, and was the surprise winner of the Slam Dunk Competition at the NBL All Star Weekend in 2006. Everard is now back home with the Hawks in 2018 and runs his own coaching and sports development clinic in Hastings.


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