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Tennis Elbow

Are you feeling a nagging pain in the outer part of your elbow? You may have Lateral Epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow. The condition is most commonly caused by racquet sports but can come with any activity that involves prolonged gripping and lifting. A sudden blow to the elbow can also set it off.

It's the tendon that attaches the group of forearm muscles to the elbow bone that becomes painful. Activities which lift or turn your wrist like turning on/off taps, opening jars, lifting the kettle, hammering etc. become difficult to perform.

To prevent this injury keep your forearm muscles strong and flexible (see overleaf for our experts' exercises). Also make sure that you use correct technique when lifting: i.e. don’t let the wrist drop and avoid repeated or continual overloading of these muscles.

A mild case of tennis elbow can go away on its own provided caution is used but you may require physiotherapy treatment if symptoms persist.

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