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Andy's Tip: The Only Real Way To Lose Weight

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get back in to shape. For many this means increasing exercise and losing a few kilograms.

The goal of many weight loss plans is to create a negative energy balance, this means increasing output (exercise) while decreasing input (food intake), but it’s not always this simple.

Fad diets, for example, often exclude entire food groups to achieve negative energy balance and rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, they are usually hard to stick to on the long term. In addition, any weight loss that is achieved with them is usually regained quickly, with an added 10%!

The best way to significant and long term weight loss involves lifestyle changes. It may sound scary but actually isn't hard at all, since the most effective way to reach your weight loss goal is to go slowly about it. Small dietary changes sustained over a prolonged period of time and supported with regular exercise work wonders. Because they happen over the long term, the results will stick.

For athletes, a healthy diet will improve fuelling and recovery for training and competition, as well as help build strong immunity and reduce injury risks.

Andy is a full-time dietitian at Hawke’s Bay Hospital. He also has a private practice in conjunction with Bariatric Surgery at the Royston Centre in Hastings.

He can be contacted at:

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