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Keep Mobile When Sitting

A lot of us spend more time sitting than in any other position. Incorrect posture while sitting can bring on a lot of pain and damage. It pays to check your posture on a regular basis and perform some regular, gentle exercises.

Shoulders/Chest Stretch

Put your arms over the back of the chair with palms facing forward. Let your shoulders relax back and down.

The Twist

Twist in the chair using the back of it to help you turn. One arm is over the back of the chair while the other is on the chair seat.

Stretch Back

Put both hands behind your head and take your elbows out. Gently stretch over the back of the chair.

Get up!

Walk and move on a regular basis (at least every 20-30 minutes). Your body likes and needs movement.


Hold each position for 5-10 seconds, repeat 1-3 times every 30 minutes while sitting.

Know Your Limits - Know Your Pain Some signs should never be ignored:

You should never roll your head around quickly or jerk it from side to side. Avoid excessive rotation of the neck.

Don’t sit under air conditioning vents for extended periods, especially if you are experiencing pain in your neck and shoulders.

Never perform any exercise into acute pain.

If you experience persistent discomfort, see a physiotherapist.

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