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Recommended Exercises for Teenagers

Gluteus Medius Strengthening

You need a band for this exercise, (your physio can provide the right one for your level)

  • Loop the band around your lower legs (anywhere between the bottom of your knee and the top of your ankle – the lower the harder).

  • Stand with knees in a slight flex.

  • Side step to one side then the other while keeping tension on the band the whole time.

This exercise is good for helping with stability when landing on one leg while walking, running or jumping/hopping.

Quadriceps and hip flexor stretch

In a kneeling lunge position, one knee on the floor (use a pillow or mat if painful), other foot flat in front

  • Tuck your bottom to feel the stretch to your upper quad (front of the thigh muscle).

  • Lift your heel towards your bottom and pull it gently with your hand.

  • Hold on to a surface for balance if necessary. The same stretch can be done in a standing position for those who have difficulties kneeling down.

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