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Recommended Exercises: Ankle Work-Out

Don't let an ankle sprain ruin your sports season! These three simple exercises can, on their own or added to your gym routine, not only help recovery but also prevent future injuries.

Use the free Aurasma app to make these images come to life and see the progression exercises. Videos also available from our website and on our Youtube channel.

1- Calf Raise

Feet flat, parallel on the floor, slowly raise yourself on your toes and come back down. Repeat 10-15 times, rest and do another 2 sets.

2- Toe Reach

In front of a mirror or wall, raise one foot and reach to a point to your right, in front of you and then to your left. Switch foot, repeat 10 times (3 sets).

3- Point Hop

Standing on one foot, hop to the three points of an imaginary triangle, come back to your starting position, switch foot and repeat 10 times (3 sets).

Hot Tip!

Perform these exercises every other day until fully recovered, progressing to the next

level as shown in the videos. For ankle injury prevention, 2-3 times a week will do.

Know Your Limits - Know Your Pain Some signs should never be ignored

Do not attempt any of these exercises as long as the pain is strong enough that you can't support yourself on both legs.

Never perform any exercise or stretch into acute pain.

Don't start exercising before warming up. A 5-10 minute walk is all you need to get the blood flowing and avoid a lot of injuries.

If you experience persistent discomfort, see a physiotherapist.

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