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Ross Simmons: When Cycling Leads To Physiotherapy

Ross Simmons is an in-demand physiotherapist who specialises in the treatment of hand, elbow and forearm injuries. He has a Post-Graduate Qualification in Hand Therapy / Splint Fabrication. Currently, Ross works from Focus Health’sHavelock North clinic and in Hastings at the Royston Centre, in collaboration with local Orthopaedic Surgeons. But his professional career actually began with his love of cycling. "Back in high school, I met a cyclist who worked as a physio and realised that this was a great way to schedule my time so I could stay involved with the sport I loved and enjoy the lifestyle I wanted".

Ross achieved his dream, and worked as the Team Physiotherapist with Cycling New Zealand in the late 90’s travelling with them to Japan and Germany. He was at the 1999 Tour De Langkawi in Malaysia when Graeme Miller won the “Sprint Ace” title.

Ross lives in Havelock North with his wife and two daughters. Work and family keep life busy and interesting, leaving just enough time for cycling and golf.

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