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Tanae Wills

Observe, understand and work to correct.

Growing up on a Southland farm, Tanae was closer to the realities of life than most. It’s given her a practical approach to her work.

"We only have one body” she says. “It’s important to know how it does what it does.”

Tanae had time to consider this when she broke her hand playing secondary school rep rugby for Southland. “Being young, I hadn’t thought much about the limitations of injury” she admits. “But suddenly I had to.”

She became fascinated with physiotherapy - starting with her own recovery. After studying in Otago, she took a placement year at Hawke’s Bay Hospital, and stayed on for a further three. She saw a wide range of cases, and all kinds of kinds of rehab, on the ward and in the community.

She was there for the March 2020 COVID lockdown.“It was like preparing for war” she recalls. “A little bit scary.”

So what differences does she see in private practice? “Focus Health patients are great. Injuries have often just happened - and patients are motivated to return to full health.”

Tanae believes motivation is the key. “We can all do a little each day. Young or old. Just don’t overdo it. Keep your body in the best shape possible. It’s the only one you have.”

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