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The No-Meds Cure to Back Pain

Neutral spine is the ideal position of the spine, or the equivalent of good posture.

Prolonged periods of poor or incorrect posture may lead to pain and sometimes injury. Us-ing neutral spine when sitting is the best cure against back pain.

Here are some easy tips to achieve a correct sitting posture:

• Sit with even weight distribution on your sitting bones (butt);

• Have your feet flat on the ground (even weight on ball and heel);

• Your knees should be slightly lower than your hips;

• Lift up tall through your spine from the crown of your head, keeping your chin

tucked under slightly;

• Relax your shoulder blades back and downwards;

• There should be a one hand gap at your lower back and neck, as if you had your

back against a wall;

• Try to maintain the position without tensing your back so you feel comfortable and relaxed.

See in our exercise section for a picture of the ideal sitting posture and some exercises to use when sitting for prolonged periods

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