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Wessel Oosthuizen

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The physio you want to see - whenyou don’t want to see a physio

Sport is a big part of Wessel’s life.

As well as surfing, hiking and fishing, you’ll find him on the tennis court, playing at the Havelock North club with his son Emile. And recreational sport plays a part in his working life too.“I often see injuries from non-contact social sport such as tennis, or netball” he says.

Non-contact doesn't mean non-injury

“People tend to underestimate the physical demand of these sports - which still require a certain level of fitness and preparation.” Typical injuries associated with tennis include a sprained ankle, and muscular injuries such as a hamstring or calf strain, and even tennis elbow.

The one thing he would advise everyone to do

Get a pre-season fitness WOF from your physio before you head to the courts - or the local sports park. “If anything is bothering you, get it checked out. It might be a niggle that hasn’t come right over winter. You don’t want to start the season at a disadvantage, then aggravate the injury and prolong the recovery period.”

A regular winter maintenance programme, combined with a pre-season check up and some sport-specific exercise will keep you playing on through summer.

Wessel's specialty areas / experience include:

• Maitland, McKenzie and Mulligan concepts

• Dry needling

• Lumbo-Pelvic dysfunction and advanced myofascial

release techniques

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