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Andy's Diet Tip: Iron an Issue

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

About 25% of New Zealand women do not eat enough food containing iron.

Two out of every hundred have a significant iron deficiency called anaemia. Symptoms may include fatigue, weakness and pallor. Anaemia can be caused by insufficient iron intake, poor absorption of iron, or the increased demand for iron during pregnancy and menstruation.

What can we do? A healthy, balanced diet will go a long way to help. Our body absorbs iron best from red meat, chicken and fish. To a lesser extent from wholegrain breads, cereals, nuts and legumes. We can boost iron absorption by eating these with companion foods rich in vitamin C, such as fruit and vegetables.

Andrew Pickering:

Andy is a full-time dietitian at Hawke’s Bay Hospital. He also has a private practice in conjunction with Bariatric Surgery at the Royston Centre.

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