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Get Wet For Fitness.

Do you feel bored with your fitness programme? Or maybe it's just too hot to exercise the way you're used to? How about a completely novel way to burn calories that will leave you refreshed and stimulate parts of you that you never knew existed?

Dive into water's soft (yet firm) regime

The properties of water make it a great medium to exercise in. It provides buoyancy and resistance allowing you to exercise with minimal impact on your body and can improve your cardiovascular (heart/lung) fitness, flexibility, strength and balance.Types of water activity may include swimming, deep water running, aqua-aerobic classes, walking/running and general exercises in the shallow end.

How much pool work is enough?

To gain the maximum benefit of a water workout exercising for at least 20 minutes 2 to 4 times per week is ideal. You should feel that you are working reasonably hard but aren’t out of breath. You can make the session more challenging by adding resistance (fins or holding foam dumbbells), increasing the time or speed. Remember to drink water to rehydrate before, during and/or after your workout.

Check with your local pool what they can offer as they may run classes and will be able to advise what will suit you.

At Focus Health, we use the pool to help people recover from injury or surgery and as a recovery option for Sports Teams and athletes. We get great results and people seem to enjoy the pool.

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